FEED and Detailed Engineering

We do the detail engineering design & generate detailed diagrams and drawings for construction of process plant.

We do the detail engineering design & generate detailed diagrams and drawings for construction, civil works, instrumentation, control system, electrical facilities, economical evaluation and also various environmental impact mitigation.

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Front End Engineering Design

Our Front-End Engineering focuses on technical requirements and identifying main costs for a proposed project. Our clients find our FEED reports to be more accurate on competitive basis. It is used to establish a price for the execution phase of the project and evaluate potential risks. It will establish the specific set of process operating conditions and equipment necessary to achieve the level of reliability, efficiency, and safety required. This design phase sets the direction for the rest of the project. At the completion of this phase, a cost estimate of +40%/-20% can typically be developed for the project.

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Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering also includes the extraction of all the essential information from all the basic engineering drawings and calculations to provide the exact drawings in detail for all production, fabrication & erection items and in turn the details of entire project along with the precise bill of quantities and specifications for each of the equipment . We provide process design packages for both Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OSBL) design requirements.


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