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Place: Mumbai & Pune (Maharashtra)

Course details:

Type :Water& Waste water treatment plant design

Duration : 3 Months(60 Hours)

Eligibility :BSC Chemistry, Dip.or Degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, Fresher or Working Candidates.


The course covers the following Topics:

  • Basic water chemistry and its importance in water treatment plant design.
  • Design of Clarifiers such as Lamella,Clariflocculator,HRSCC,UHRSCC etc.
  • Design of Filters like PSF,MGF,DMF.ACF,AVGF etc.
  • Design of Biological systems such as Aeration Tank, UASB,SecondaryClarifier,MBBR,NGPSTP etc.
  • Design of Membrane technologies e.g.UF,MF,NF,RO,SWRO,MBRetc.
  • Design of Ion Exchange processes such as Softeners,DMPlant,CPU etc.
  • To understand the PFD, P &ID,ULD,MBD,SLD,Plan Layout etc.
  • To understand the instrumentation,ControlPhilosophy,Valve Schedule & Piping.
  • Preparation of Techno-commercial offers based on inputs provided by end user.
  • To understand the Costing of WTP.
  • Design of Advanced WT Technologies using various software’s.
  • Erection, Commissioning& Troubleshooting of WT & WWTP.
  • Selection of working area in the WT industry.
  • Market Scope for Design engineers.

-Details of Course :

The above Course includes different modules like basic concepts of design, construction, erection, commissioning and trouble shooting of water,  and waste water  treatment plants.

It covers all Physico Chemical treatments  likeDisinfection,  Screening, Grit Removal, Sedimentation, UV, Ozonation,Membrane based technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration,NanoFilltration etc. Resin based technologies including Softener, DM Plants ,itsOperations and maintenance and  Trouble Shooting etc.

Application of Pumps, Valves, Piping,Instrumentationin WTP.

To know the Industrial Wastewater characteristics and its treatment for Various Industries, Reuse of treated water in process plants, Disposal Standards as per PCB norms

Introduction of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants(STP) and Package Plants for Hospitals, Hotels, Societies etc.

Objectives of the Course:

* To understand the process & engineering design of  various water treatment systems.

* To understand the various water treatment technologies through case studies &assignments.

* To study the  analysis reports and make the Process flow diagrams and Mass balance diagrams.

 Venus and Dates:

Online & Offline from Mumbai and Pune Office.

Dates : From 15th December 2012.