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Process Simulation Services Using AspenTech Products

Chemsys Process Engineering uses Aspentech process simulation software to perform simulation studies. We use process simulations to validate and evaluate designs and operations of industrial processes. Chemsys's process simulation studies ensure improved quality and performance of your industrial processes and eliminate troubleshooting.

Integrate Process Simulation and Process Synthesis

The design of a new process using computer simulations to analyze a process flowsheet based on the onion model can save time, effort and, ultimately, money. The design of a chemical process involves synthesis and analysis. Process synthesis is the overall development of a process flowsheet by combining individual steps (equipment and operating conditions) into an optimal arrangement. 

Process analysis breaks down the flowsheet to evaluate the performance of each individual element as well as how the overall process would perform, typically by a process simulator. Process analysis is often performed after the synthesis task has been completed. 

Although, even the most sophisticated software cannot cover the richness of physical situations, we find the solution by adapting the modeling environment  of a simulator to a particular technology and embedding the engineering   expertise is the strategic approach to solve a challenging design problem which  gives our customer more than what we promise.